The epidemic not only prevented many individuals from going through with their wedding arrangements, but it also prevented them from going on their honeymoons. According to a recent poll conducted by Expedia, an astounding 97 percent of couples have been forced to dordle postpone, scale down, or completely forego their post-wedding vacations during the last two years. The limits imposed by COVID-19 will be lifted in 2022, which will allow nations to once again welcome tourists, hence it is anticipated that 2022 will be a popular year for weddings and honeymoons. In point of fact, we should probably call them "mega-moons" since, according to Expedia, more than half of newlywed couples want to spend more money on their honeymoons than they had initially intended for, and an astounding eighty-three percent are planning on taking more than one honeymoon.

The online travel booking service also conducted a survey to see which countries were the most popular choices for honeymoons, and the results showed that the United Kingdom came out on top.

The majority of couples have shown an interest in planning a vacation across the pond that would involve visits to both urban and rural areas in the United Kingdom's Scotland and England. On its website, Expedia has a fantasy itinerary that has been rising in popularity recently. It begins with a tour of the ancient Old Town in Edinburgh, followed by a train trip up the beautiful Glenfinnan Viaduct, which is erected around 100 feet above ground level (the landmark also served as a filming location for the Harry Potter movies). The next leg of your romantic journey will take you to the Scottish Highlands, where you will see famous sights like as the Urquhart Castle at Loch Ness, the St. Andrews Cathedral, the Culloden Battlefield, and the Clava Cairns. Your honeymoon would come to an end in London, where Expedia suggests that you check out Kensington Gardens in addition to some of the hip eateries in the English metropolis and The Connaught Bar, which has been named the World's Best Bar on many occasions. The trip will also include stops to Stonehenge, Windsor Castle, and Bath as part of its itinerary.

Expedia's list of the best places to go on a honeymoon also includes Dubai, which came in at number two, and Paris, which came in at number three. According to the results of the survey, almost half of respondents (48 percent) stated that they wanted to spend their honeymoon going to museums, art galleries, and shows, while 42 percent said that they wanted to spend their honeymoon going to restaurants, bars, and clubs. In addition, multi-location honeymoons are becoming more popular, with 18 percent of newlyweds stating that they planned to visit more than one location on their honeymoon.