"Fear Uncertainty Doubt" refers to the practice of bad actors who try by all means to drive down the price of a coin.

FUD often takes the form of misinterpreted or even outright fake news to convince coin holders to sell their holdings. For example, false news about China banning Bitcoin was FUD.


"Fear Of Missing Out" is an inversion of FUD, as it is a similar practice, only used to drive up the price of the coin.

FOMO takes the form of hype, both natural and orchestrated, breaking news and sharp price movements. FOMO is dispersed by unsuccessful investors who buy a coin on their ATH and then are left with their coins in a situation where their coins are much cheaper than when they bought them.


Buy the F***ing Dip" is a trading technique that involves buying a coin that has just plummeted. This includes the FUD.

However, sometimes these failures are natural, and those people who have applied BTFD by buying a coin may find themselves on the losing end and therefore have to launch a new wave of FOMO to get its price back up as quickly as possible.


"Do Your Own Research." is perhaps the most universal advice in cryptocurrency trading and, in the broader context, investing in general.

DYOR suggests that financial decisions should only be made after traders have used DYOR due diligence so they can be sure the process is not being driven by FUD, FOMO or some other act of spreading malicious or simply erroneous information.

The one thing all successful traders have in common is that they all spend time on DYOR. However, they also all have in common the use of quality equipment such as https://woolypooly.com/en/device/asic/ipollo-g1-mini.