It felt rewarding and you earned these recipes, you did not just pay generic quantity of gold or grinded rep. Ido not know why BFA went from classic wow gold this to back to largely generic pay X quantity of gold. Legion had a lot of detail put into everyfeature of the game, not only raids and dungeons but even gathering professions that were always an afterthought.Basically theonly thing I really disliked was the unnecessary time-gated leggo grind.

I would even go as far as to state that I wouldn't mindusing the exact same expansion with only new zones and leggo grind eliminated.For me its not in all the ebst expansion. Id ChooseWoD any fucking day over Legion to perform with. Courses where sooooooo much better afterward legion.This is the hottest shootI've ever noticed.

This is steaming.Wel Legion Class layout. BFa course layout? Same as legion only with less to conceal but theactual classes is exactly the same;At least WoD did not give me 3 terrible legendaries that prevented me from getting into groups.Definitely the best one I've played. Witch isn't saying much sense I joined at the tail end of WoD and abandoned half way thoughBFA.Took me 10 weeks to acquire certain Legendary that some people got within first week of Legion.It sure was a great experience.Thought it was definitely a strong growth. The mythical system sucked so much before they released currency though. Was my secondepic on my destroy lock.

I legit did not utilize it for buy gold wow classic us a few weeks.Friend of mine obtained Prydaz as first legendary afterwardSephuz as his second. He dropped his raid place in his guild and stop playing once and for all.Don't recall their specc, but hewas playing warrior. At the point the dps warriors needed the ring that let you sometimes use implement outside of itsstipulations or something like this.