Each time a player wins an PvP game, the game awards them with Coins of Courage Lost Ark Gold. It doesn't matter whether participants participate in Deathmatch Team Deathmatch, or Team Elimination in that all types of matches shower their participants with gifts of coins. However, those looking to make more money ought to try climbing the PvP ranking ladder. The higher their ranking, the better the reward. Of course, participants will need to play some casual matches before they can get access to those ranked fights.

It isn't a good idea to think they'll be able to guarantee winning and a few Coins of Courage by waltzing into the arena wearing the highest level character. In Lost Ark, every PvP participant is handed a separate character that they can customize in the way they like. The dueling characters are all equal in level and hence alike in terms of stats and capabilities (different classes notwithstanding, of course) So the only way to win PvP fights as well as Coins of Courage, is through sheer skill and perhaps a dash of luck.

It is important to know that players will only receive Coins of Courage from PvP matches when their Item Level is above 302. Otherwise, they will receive Tenacious Coins.

As with other currencies in Lost Ark, Coins of Courage come with their own vendors that are their own: the Quartermasters who hang around the PvP arenas. But the Quartermasters NPCs aren't currently offering anything for sale cheap Lost Ark Gold. A lot of players believe that Quartermasters are tied to the upcoming PvP season and probably will not offer anything until the PvP season commences later in the month.