To provide special experiences to players who play WoW Classic WotLK in addition to in order to level the playing field and the economy for new and returning player alike WOTLK Classic Gold. Blizzard introduces a fresh set of fresh servers that support WoW Classic Wrath of the Lich King.

These servers will be entirely new, and will not allow players to bypass the level 55 requirement for making Death Knights. This means that all players must start at level 1 like the rest of us.

So , how will these WoW Classic WotLK freshly created servers work? These servers will come with restrictions and rules that are as follows: restrictions In the first 90 daysafter the launch, players will not be allowed to enhance a player's character in Fresh Start realms. At least for 90 days, Fresh Start realms will no longer be an option to transfer characters. Death Knights are not able to be created on these realms without the presence of a level 55 character on the same realm.

While this is exciting overall that the community will happily be happy to accept, in the end, the transfer policies may make the process more difficult. This is because of the fact that even after the 90-day window players will continue to have the option of moving their characters to new servers.

It means that the reset of the economy and power level of players may eventually go futile, as players could simply transfer characters that are already fully established and may carry up to the gold limit. It is yet to be determined how Blizzard will adjust these rules to the future, or limit the amount of gold or materials players are allowed to bring when they transfer servers.

Server transfers are the hot talk when it comes the brand-new WoW Classic WotLK fresh servers. This is because, after the 90-day timeframe following their launch servers transfers to these new realms are now allowed in the future.

Since the beginning of time, character transfers have been available for free in WoW Classic since players from all the smaller realms hoped to join together to provide more choices for content. It is not clear that these transfers will remain available for WoW Classic WotLK , or the way in which they'll be dealt with in general in terms of things like PVP to cheap WOW WOTLK Classic Gold PVE restrictions on transfers to realms limit on characters per server, and much more.