Cyberpunk 2077 Board Game Hits Kickstarter and Immediately Blows Through  Funding Goal


Cyberpunk 2077 comes courtesy of the Kickstarter campaign board game Cyberpunk 2077: Gangs of Night City is a game that transforms the humble high-tech world by CD Projekt Red and Mike Pondsmith.

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The game is published by CMON Games. which brings together the board game adaptations of God of War and Bloodborne in addition to the other IPs available.

If the slang synopsis of the game on the Kickstarter page is any indication, it's clear that the creators have serious respect for the source material: “Cyberpunk 2077: Gangs of Night City is a competitive game with a lot of people.

1 to 4 Players Take on the role of a ruthless gang vying for control of the underground in the glittering abyss, Night City. Clash with other gangs in the flesh or on the net as your brave clan tries. to take over the criminal world