The difficulties of 2020-2021 have led to a number of changes in digitalization processes. 

Tasks related to remote work and remote services came to the fore. In addition, other areas have evolved as well - AI-based solutions are gaining more and more penetration in banks, the need for data analytics and the need for their own lightweight and flexible systems are growing.

Growth of online operations

This trend is not new in banking informatization, but it has accelerated significantly due to the transition to a universal “remote”. The sphere of mobile payments through various payment systems has especially grown.

In addition, during the “remote” period, many have tried exchange trading, as a result of which the number of IIS and brokerage accounts opened through banks has sharply increased. The number of mortgage and consumer loans issued online, guarantees and letters of credit also increased. Accordingly, the range of documents that customers and banks began to exchange online has increased.

This trend will continue to develop, because. during the pandemic, consumer habits have changed, which banks are forced to take into account - both when automating banking operations and when setting up their CRM systems for marketing campaigns and communicating with customers online

Simplification of access to banking services

The development of "bank-client" interaction systems is now aimed at the maximum simplification of access to bank services. 

Bank-client interaction systems are a whole complex of communication products that has grown from a telephone contact center with “live” operators, and today and, moreover, tomorrow it is a universal communication environment in which you can have access to banking services and operations through any online mechanism, ranging from voice calls to instant messengers with the massive introduction of speech recognition systems based on biometric authorization. All this is aimed at simplifying access to bank services.

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