The development process that is led by players has kept OSRS gold the majority the players happy. It has seen some older content come back. In the last few days, Old School RuneScape announced the return of Bounty Hunter, a popular PvP game mode that was taken away a few years back. RuneScape announced details on their official website with the information for the 10th Birthday event. The event will be played from now, and runs through March 15. Therefore, those who are interested in participating can participate.

The event can begin by talking to the Cook's new assistant at Lumbridge Castle and rewards players with a variety of cosmetics to celebrate the 10th anniversary of old-school RuneScape.

The new version is a way to express your appreciation to the game and demonstrates the effort put to keeping it running for the past decade. It's an astonishment in comparison to RuneScape 3. that is making headlines due to the wrong reasons. In the last few days, RuneScape 3 shelved its long-awaited Avatar Refresh, which the community was extremely Cheap RuneScape gold enthusiastic about.