SMS mailings are used as one of the channels for increasing the number of sales, sending personalized offers, collecting feedback and other tasks. Typically, companies use them simultaneously for several purposes: for example, first they notify about promotions, and then they inform about the relocation of the store.

Mass mailing can be sent through an operator, but this will not provide detailed analytics and segmentation of the user base. Another way is to use mailing services: they have more analysis and segmentation capabilities.

The standard amount of data on the effectiveness of SMS mailings is information about sent, delivered, and rejected messages. Some services offer separate functions - tracking the use of promotional codes or collecting data about users who clicked on a shortened link. If you need to find out the conversion, this is done using UTM tags, redirect links or fake phone numbers.

Texts for SMS mailings should be concise, calm, with personalization and a call to action. It is also important to segment the subscriber base and send messages at a time that does not annoy recipients.

You can't just send messages. First you need to take the subscriber's consent to the processing of personal data and to receive advertising. I think that you should familiarize yourself with the services of professionals in this field in more detail and this will help you understand how to send sms . I hope that this article will be useful for you.