First online! New Jordans Release 2022 This year's first pair of Chicago color matching AJ's joint shoes! I didn't expect it to be this pair! I didn't want to wait for the Chicago color matching for many years, this year is two pairs! Before the long-exposed Chicago AJ1, the Air Jordan 2 joint name co-created by "young female artist" Nina Chanel Abney (Nina Chanel Abney), the first highlight of this year, debuted. Minimalist retro style, the upper foot temperament is quite outstanding. Coupled with special packaging and heavy metal painting tags, it is more gorgeous and artistic than before. Today, I bring the first physical unboxing and on-foot display of the whole network. The specific release details are at the end of the article, and there is a preview of the most lively sneaker feast this summer. Be sure to read it!
#Brilliant young female artist, the first joint Nike Shoes are not low in specifications. Nina Chanel Abney from Chicago establishes a distinctive personal style that reflects contemporary social and racial issues with her almost cubist composition and bold use of flat colors. Personal works have also hit new highs at the auction site, not only loved by museums, curators, and collectors, but also favored by big names such as EA, and invited them to cooperate. This joint shoe is also different from the previous OFF-WHITE x AJ2 and Union x AJ2. It adopts a minimalist design language and bright colors to bring two specifications of high-top and low-top styles. In terms of the shoebox, the MJ game scene was designed by Nina Chanel Abney, and the interior and exterior are also decorated with geometric colored lines, showing a distinct artistic style. The high-top is shown in the Chicago color scheme representing Nina's hometown, and the stitching of a large area of ‚Äč‚Äčleather and lizard texture is presented to restore the most original Air Jordan 2 silhouette. The wing logo on the tongue of the original Air Jordan 2 is embellished with fine leather this time, surrounded by lizard texture.
Specifications and texture are better than ever. The most impressive place this time is definitely the heel wrapped in a whole piece of bright red leather. The original multi-level design of AJ2 is simplified, releasing a more eye-catching visual tension. The tag that comes with the shoe is a change from the traditional Nike Air Force 1 look, echoing the shoe box seal, and it is presented in a framed shape. Even more exaggerated, the entire hangtag is made of pure metal. On the back is the Jumpman Jumpman Logo and Nina Chanel Abney engraving, which is full of weight after getting started. Such high specifications are really uncommon. Another green low-top version is based on the same design language, and the heel is added with a leather shoe setting. Compared with the high-top version, this low-top version is undoubtedly the first choice for summer shoes. It not only has the refreshing shape of small white shoes, but also exudes the classic charm of classical AJ.
#New Jordan 1 UK Foot is retro and advanced, and the minimalist design is super versatile. Bright Chicago color matching with delicate retro sneaker shape, the upper foot is highly recognizable. The materials and workmanship are quite particular, and the overall leather is quite soft. The complete coverage of the heel leather exudes a refreshing and gorgeous personality, and the collision rate on the street is also greatly reduced. The low-top green version is more suitable for summer, with a refreshing and simple style, which can be easily controlled by trousers and shorts.