Scammers are constantly planning a scheme to trap traders through it and take away their possessions. In this digital era, almost every user owns a good quantity of funds digitally which is certainly a good thing for everyone. However, the most important yet crucial thing is the protection of funds which is not possible for every other user. Because one day or another, they will surely become a victim of cyber security by not following the security rules. 

However, today we are not here to show you the security tips you can follow to protect your funds. Rather the topic of the blog will be the information about some unnoticed features of MetaMask Chrome Extension and the use of the said feature.

What do you understand by MetaMask Activity?

MetaMask Activity is a function formulated only to help its customers related to their executed crypto transactions. With this function, a user can review the blockchain address and the executed transactions with that account. So, if you have any query related to that transaction, you can consult the owner of the account to whom you’ve transferred the assets. The transaction information on the MetaMask Chrome Extension entails the details such as:

  • Address involved in the executed transaction.

  • Date of execution.

  • Images of the transferred tokens for verification.

You will get all of this information after tapping on the option of MetaMask Activity if you require it.

What is the importance of MetaMask Activity?

You might think that this MetaMask Activity holds no importance, but this is where you are wrong. It is because it is more essential than you think. So, if you want to learn the reason behind it, read the following points:

  • The platform of MetaMask does not automatically sync your data in the device unless enabled. And you never know, when you might be in urgent need to view your previous MetaMask transactions. Our MetaMask Activity takes it upon itself to collect all your data directly from the blockchain explorer and keep it protected on the MetaMask Chrome Extension.

  • Most people cannot recognize the tokens through the names only while reviewing the previous transaction details. For them, the wallet activity presents them with the token images to obtain verification from the users. 

  • The wallet automatically identifies the kind of your transaction and gives you a documented detailed summary of your transaction whenever you need it. They might also contain a little extra information or any educational remarks about your transaction.

The Bottom Line!

Now, it is the time to end our blog on the MetaMask Activity feature here. You might not think that you need this feature, but still, it is a very essential facility offered by the wallet. We were not able to provide you with all the details about this facility on the MetaMask Chrome Extension or the mobile application feature. However, if this piqued your interest, you always have the option to explore the official blog page.