Playing video games can help with hand dexterity.
Games with controllers can be quite good for your hands. Researchers found that in a study involving a group of surgeons, those who played video games were quicker at completing complex surgeries and committed 37 percent less errors than those who didn't. In addition to being utilized as physical rehabilitation, specific video games have assisted stroke victims in regaining control over their hands and wrists.

2. Playing video games can make your brain grow more gray matter.
Gaming is actually mental exercise that is cloaked as entertainment. Video game play has been linked to increased brain connectivity and gray matter, according to studies. (Gray matter is related to vision, memory, spatial navigation, and muscular control.)

3. Social skills among players may be stronger.
The typical gamer does not fit the image of a shy individual who plays lewdle video games as a kind of escape. Because certain video games have a social and collaborative element, prior studies with youngsters revealed that those who played more video games were more likely to have good social skills, perform well academically, and have forged better relationships with other students.