We also RuneScape gold pinned our finest accounts against each other, our mains. This was more enjoyable since the stats were balanced, therefore it was a real fight, and enjoyable to see variety conquer mage, mage beat melee, ect. Now we have these pures that are completely unbalance,d and it has made PKing less pleasurable. Is it me, or has the PKing community lost its ethics over the past decades? These are just a few off of the top of my head, but I bet there are more. Do you feel this integrity will be reinstated with all the older wilderness coming back, or would you think that it's just going to be a playground to the annoyance on RuneScape?

Many people may not consider all the items, besides simply items that have changed since 2007. A couple of items that I was believing are: I am fairly sure back in 2007 we still had that small screen were the area of opinion wasnt as good. You constantly had to correct the camea. Now players can observe many others without worrying about the camera. Wilderness wall. Items dropped everyone can see instantly. Just the simple fact that technology has improved. People having faster/better connections. I understand youtube was hot then, but it really has exploded since.

Duel arena is now f2p. Can it stay this way with staking really back? My favored the bone yard is gone. Hope that yields. Do fresh players understand a few of the old places for battles? Dark castle was empty. Well I am sure different folks may have things too to include.

Urns might have a great use this bonus exp weekend. It's rather simple the moment you log on teleport all your prepeared full urns away to provide you a wonderful chunck of exp to provide you a great start to the bonus exp weekend. Though you can have 10 full urns in 1 skill at a time. With 61 crafting 10 Powerful woodcutting urns will give you 44887.5 exp. With 62 crafting 10 Infernal urns will give you 50625 exp. With 76 crafting 10 Decorated fishing urns will provide you 51300 exp. With 81 crafting Decorated cooking urns will give you 41782.5 exp.

Although the exp gains might not be massive 40k/50k exp in skill in a moment is very beneficial and at current prices 10 Infernal urns will save 1.4mill at present prices, should cheap RS gold you use dragon bones.