Many online poker fans are interested in questions that relate to the blocking or banning of a game account in one way or another.

Do the accounts of plus regulators often get blocked? What violations threaten the loss of the entire bankroll?

And what do online poker players' accounts usually get blocked for?

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Let's find out why players actually get banned and what is hidden in user agreements that no one ever reads. You'll be surprised at what clauses can sometimes be found in them if you dig deep enough.

Reason #1: Ban for using third party software

It's no secret that 99.9% of all players ignore license agreements.

And after launching the poker client, they simultaneously load various poker programs (Holdem Manager, Poker Tracker, etc.), which is simply forbidden in many roumes.

Therefore, if you doubt whether it is allowed to use third-party software in this or that poker room, it is better to clarify this question with support professionals.

Otherwise you risk not only to be banned, but also to lose the whole bankroll. The rules regarding "left" programs in this regard are very strict.

Reason #2: Getting blocked for registering in someone else's name

Many players would not think that it is possible to create an account in another person's name.

And, meanwhile, such cases are very common - someone registers a new account, wanting to get the cherished bonus for new players, another creates an account because his previous account is already banned, etc.

As a rule, such offenders fall under the ban when they first try to withdraw money from a new gaming account.

Register new accounts in the name of his mom, dad, grandmother, brother - no use! Security, one way or another, will expose the violation and write a permanent ban.