When you are going through a divorce, you need a tenacious advocate by your side to fight for your rights and ensure that you get what you deserve. The right lawyer will take care of you throughout the process and prioritize your emotional and financial well-being. To find the best lawyer for you, consider several factors including their pricing structure and whether they are a good fit for your personal needs.

A reliable attorney will be transparent about their fee structure, especially if they will charge by the hour. During your first consultation, ask them to break down their charges and how they will be calculated so that you are not surprised with any expenses down the road.

You should also be aware that the cost of a divorce attorney can vary widely. While a cheaper attorney may seem appealing, they often lack the depth of knowledge and familiarity with New York divorce laws that a more experienced attorney would have. Furthermore, lower-cost attorneys are more likely to take on a large volume of cases in order to keep their fees low which could affect your overall case experience.

When you meet with potential divorce lawyers, it is important to be prepared with a detailed list of all assets, debts and sources of income as well as tax returns from the past several years. Be sure to bring any other relevant documents that the attorney might request with you to each appointment.divorce lawyer