Late 90's N64 Hockey games were a little more plentiful.I only wish they put more love into nba 2k21 mt it besides updated rosters. Nhl15 was the last better sims imo. That be a pro mode is excellent. They did not though. They had the groundwork constructed to crush EA like they did in NBA. However what was lacking were a Career manner and an Ultimate Team mode.

Latter being critical since that's how these games make most of their revenue these days, from people that spend thousands to make their card team just so they could do exactly the same when the second year's game. Add to the graphics were not on par in terms of models and animations and the game had a clunkier feel. I gave up on EA NHL in like 15 (only played with it for the 6v6 mode anyhow ) because they at that point had hardly made any improvements to the gameplay for 8 years.

I looked up what the game looks now along with the core gameplay remains nearly equal to NHL 07. That's 14 fucking years of publishing the same game with some updated features and added animations. The goalies were shit in 2006 and they're still shit now. To me it is unbelievable they are still not moving like they're physical beings but they're only your basic game thing glued to follow the puck regardless of how a person could physically move. NHL2k did this a decade ago, literally if you just copied what they had 10 years past the game improves immediately. It's amusing both companies are only incapable of fixing their games weaknesses. They're similar to mirror opposites of one another. 2k online is a laggy mess, EA online functions great. 2K gameplay mirrors game,

EA gameplay is arcade game bullshit. 2K exploits never get fixed leading to strange gameplay online, EA exploits get fixed along with the gameplay to acquire is normal even online. The single common factor they've are the manners and the greed, though buy nba 2k21 mt coins is megagreedy compared to EA, surprisingly. Naw, NHL from EA sucks too. Upping the problem does not make them perform better, it simply makes them perform unrealistic shit.