Oh, it's lovely to be with you today and I hope that the day is a great one. I'm here right now to talk about couture – wonderful, stylish, beautiful French couture – but this isn't an element about wedding gowns or even suits for grooms and groomsmen.

French designer Stephanie Staub creates unique garments, dealing with the finest taffetas, silk organza, and gorgeous ribbons to complement colors and shapes to produce pieces that are just dreamy. The label is about simple, timeless, and luxurious French elegance also it's as not even close to fast fashion and mass production understandably.

The completely new collection is filled with the sweetest, most charming flower girls' dresses which are all handmade to perfection.

"I desired to explore movement through shapes and pleats," explains Stephanie. "The dresses have fun with the proportions and fullness from the skirt to produce a soft and enchanting silhouette. I draw my inspiration from all the different aspects of a wedding, which may be timeless, sophisticated, graceful, traditional as well as playful so I wanted my designs to reflect that."

Whilst the magnificently pleated skirts would be the standout features within this collection, there are also lots of details to like. The soft spotted tulle sleeves, the signature boat necklines, and also the traditional Peter Pan collars all exude timeless style they also come having a modern twist. I have to state that I'm keen on those big bows – statement details could be for flower girls too!

"I consider my ideas for quite a long time and it's when that idea becomes insistent that I know it's time that I can bring it alive. I begin by playing with fabrics, assembling, cutting, and creating shapes looking to find the perfect harmonies when it comes to shaping, color, and proportion. Then my team and I create a prototype and adjust this before the dress is precisely as it is in my mind." Go

Like Stephanie, I'm deeply in love with the classic styling cues from the Flora dress. It features those large pleats also it manages to be formal although not too conventional. The shorter length is really pretty because it is practical and people's puff sleeves couldn't be cuter.

"I'm additionally a big fan of the Camille dress. I find it so elegant and romantic. I did the contrasts of color, between your white from the dress and also the deep burgundy from the sash and buttons also it works. There's also the contrast of materials between your soft silk organza skirt overlay, the graceful velvet, and also the crispness from the taffeta."

When you begin to search for the flower girl dresses, Stephanie shows that you're clear concerning the style you would like for your wedding. Is it a town or country wedding? What colors will you be dealing with and what's going to be the dress code for that event?

"For a conventional wedding, our Gallia dress using its Peter Pan collar and puff sleeves is perfect whilst page boys can wear our three-quarter length shorts or knickerbockers having a double-breasted shirt and cummerbund."

"If you'd prefer a more romantic look, our silk organza dresses are perfect. Chloe is using its frill collar or Adele using its flounce sleeves. Page boys can again wear three-quarter length shorts but have a Peter Pan collar shirt."

"For a countryside wedding, ivory flower girl dresses have a pale green sash are adorable and whatever design you select, you can match all of them with page boys wearing white cotton shorts, white Mao collar shirts, and pale green cummerbunds. Relaxed weddings suit our Amelie and Suzanne short dresses and boys can wear sailor tops with French shorts or knickerbockers."

Stephanie can also be very conscious that these outfits need to be practical. Children may wish to run around and play so their clothes have to allow this in addition to being comfortable and gorgeous.

"We don't want children to appear like mini-adults and we don't want older flower girls to appear like children either. It's essential that the garments are adapted towards the child's age and everyone feels comfortable and comfortable using what they're wearing. Not only are our taffeta fabrics beautiful and soft from the skin but you can also rinse off stains which may have otherwise created a permanent stain on silk fabrics."

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