Face of the Franchise yields for  one more year of Madden 21 coins awful cutscenes along with a fresh, crap story where the sport pretends that your choices or activities really have some material effect on how scenarios may perform. Following the custom of previous Madden game attempts at a career mode, this one has a few star cameos, including the T-1000 himself, Robert Patrick. Patrick plays with your faculty head coach that constantly breaks promises and uses psychological manipulation to ensure chaos in his locker room and actively attempts to undermine his own team's chances at a national championship. Unlike last year, this groan-inducing farce manages to last after you get drafted into the NFL, which means you get the chance at more awful cutscenes once you become a pro.

As I spent my time with the PC version of the game, I'd like to note that EA has once again neglected to use any advantages provided by the platform to enhance the game, outside of service for greater refresh prices. There's still plenty of lag and unresponsiveness in menus and during game scenarios that make no sense. I experienced stuttering at random occasions across all modes, including hitching during active kick meters or when seeking to complete moves. From time to time, these hitches corresponded to lost frames and other times not. There remains loads of visual stutter every time the match swaps between what you control and between-play camera cuts, even if everything is operating at 144Hz.

After years of complaints, EA has introduced several new animations which will allow the cyber soccer pros to attempt to extend the soccer farther toward the goal line or first down markers when being contacted. These brand new animations do function to relieve some of the most frustrating moments I've had with Madden throughout the last several decades. I do sincerely hope that the next-gen Madden starts off using these rather than require players to wait seven years to the games console generation to cheap Mut 21 coins execute. Graphically, the player models look nice in 4K, even if they're almost identical to what we got in Madden NFL 17.