It would be easy to just write a thinly veiled sales article talking about our services and how we totally personify the attributes of a perfect marketing consultant. In this case, we decided to write an impartial guide that would really be of benefit to our readers. We’ll be sharing this experience with you so that you can make an informed, intelligent choice and pick a marketing consultant who is right for you and your business- the one who will give your brand the boost it needs and help you reach the next level of growth and success.


The most important and main thing you need to look for is experience. It’s very easy to come across as an expert by spouting off all the latest marketing, but if your marketing consultant can’t understand your business and identify what you really need, they won’t make much impact where it counts; your profit margins. Practical experience comes across a wide range of industries and a great sign they have the strategic chops necessary to give your business a big boost. As well as this, you need to ensure that your marketing consultant has real experience of implementing marketing strategies for brands like yours. 


It’s important that your marketing consultant understand digital marketing and its potential. Marketing is all about attracting customers rather than chasing them down, so by choosing an expert who has digital expertise, they may be able to identify huge opportunities for your business that will help it grow in new ways. Choose someone who has an excellent understanding of SEO, PPC and social media at a minimum. Always remember, because a marketing consultant has expertise in all of these areas, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your business will need to adopt them. Before committing to a Digital Agency NZ, make sure that you get a good idea of their level of digital expertise. 


Copy and content is a key point of every website. No amount of ostentatious animations or design gimmicks will ever bear expertly crafted sales copy, at least in terms of selling and converting visitors into customers. It is important that the person you choose is capable of writing truly compelling sales pages that make you want to take action. By reading every detail on the website, you should get a good idea of how developed their copywriting skills are. Always keep these points in mind

  • Does it speak to the pain and address my key issues and problems?
  • Is it benefit driven- It clearly shows me how I will benefit from their services?
  • Is it compelling- Do I feel compelled to take action and find more about their services?


As we know LinkedIn is one of the biggest forces in B2B selling and recruitment today. It’s an invaluable way to prospect customers, looking to make their careers and reach out to peers. Any reputable marketer should be active on LinkedIn and have a fantastic LinkedIn profile that is just as compelling as the sales copy on their website- hence, if they can’t sell themselves, how are they meant to sell your product or services? LinkedIn suggestions are more genuine than testimonials, as they are unedited and are attributed to someone. 


Good marketers should have an active blog, free giveaway or some like online content. Content is the best way to connect with and generate leads, but it also allows potential customers to get a good idea of their expertise and the way they look at the tools at their disposal. Online content demonstrates their approach to many different aspects of marketing, and will give you an opportunity to extend their ability, understanding and knowledge, as well as extra insight into what they think about various marketing techniques. 

To find more about how to grow your company through email marketing or want to know more about startup marketing consultant, make sure you have a look at our article posts to make sure that our expertise is up to scratch. 

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