The Samsung Odyssey League 2021 sees the first-class of the excellent Rocket League groups from throughout Europe battling it out in 3v3 competition for a proportion of Rocket League Trading  a €25,000 prize pool. There are sub-local qualifiers, three of which (Poland, Iberia/Italy, and Rest of Europe) have been played up to now. The four ultimate nearby qualifiers, Benelux & France, DACH, Nordics, and UK & Ireland begin on July 30, so if you’re a player in a single of those regions, make certain you join up today.

Make it out of the high-quality-of-3 open qualifiers and also you’ll be into the regional finals, which can be first-class-of-5 competitions, which take vicinity on August 7, eight, 14, and 15, till the champions of each vicinity were determined. Survive the ones (or the ultimate threat qualifier for people who positioned 2nd in their respective region) and you’ll be on the primary degree of the finals weekend, taking region August 27-29. This is where the cream of the  crop will virtually get to flex their rocket car talents, duking it out in double eliminations till one group proves that they're really the masters of Rocket League in front of global-magnificence casters.