5 Benefits of Living in DLF Independent Floors 

After the success of mid-rise and high-rise apartments, real estate buyers are turning to independent floors. The housing option is in demand because it has many benefits over high-rise apartments and it perfectly matches the changing demands of the new age generation. People today have to work harder to manage the six spheres of life encompassing health, social, personal, relationship, career, and spiritual. The new concept of housing societies fulfills all the requirements of the new age generation. 

If you also want to take the benefits of living in independent floors, DLF Independent Floors are the best option. You can find DLF Independent Floors at many locations in Gurgaon and book a home according to your suitability. All the Floors have luxurious amenities and offer an elevated lifestyle which helps people to achieve their goals earlier and bless them with a contented life. Let’s dig deeper to understand the benefits of living in DLF Independent Floors.

  • Privacy On the Top

Today’s generation keeps privacy at the top and DLF Independent Floors offers the same at a higher level. In the concept of independent floors, only one family lives on each floor and enjoys complete privacy. No one passes by your entrance overhearing your discussions or peeping into your home, if you have left your main door open. You can organize your entrance as per your choice because you own the complete space and you don’t have to share it with anyone.

  • Bigger Outdoor Space

You get bigger outdoor space on independent floors because there is a bigger balcony and sometimes you get a balcony on all sides because there is only one house on each floor. So, you get access to plenty of sun and fresh air. The DLF Independent Floors are planned by a renowned architect and developer who makes the best use of the space. The lesser number of families in a township also ensures bigger outdoor spaces. In most of the DLF Independent Floors, you get a service apartment or utility on the stilt floor as well, this also ensures a bigger space for you. 

  • Separate Water and Electricity 

Another important thing about independent floors is that it has separate water and electricity connections. The apartments have shared electricity and water connections where many families source water from the same tank. Many times, it happens that you open the tap and water runs out because someone else has used the excess water. You can avoid such frustrating situations in DLF Independent Floors because you don’t have to share any of the two things.

  • Low Maintenance Costs

The lesser number of families have lower requirements for maintenance and therefore, the cost of maintenance gets lower. One family on each floor also ensures lower infrastructure and therefore, it requires low cost. Many times, a lesser number of families agree on a cause and become self-sufficient to keep the cost of maintenance low. On the other hand, agreement on one cause unanimously is difficult to achieve among a large number of facilities.

  • Low-Density & Low-Rise 

In DLF Independent Floors, you also get the benefit of low density because each tower has only 4 floors and only one family on each floor. This makes low-density living possible and everyone gets better access to all the amenities of facilities. The independent floors developed by the renowned builders have all the ultra-modern and luxurious amenities. Also, a smaller number of people ensures that you can have greater access to each amenity and you never have to wait for your turn. You also enjoy the benefits of low-rise floors as you can also use stairs if you wish and have a better view of the surroundings from the balcony. 


Investing in DLF Independent Floors is a good option because you get a wide range of benefits mentioned above if you are using it for end use. Moreover, the independent floors have investment potential because they are easy to rent out and sell. Also, the DLF Independent Floors enjoy good value appreciation for various reasons including the points mentioned above.