Under Nanaji Deshmukh Krishi Sanjeevani, farm grant scheme 2022 100 percent grant is being implemented. 

This project is being implemented so that the stored water does not seep into it. Farmer friends should use the stored water so that there is no shortage of water for farming. 

Let's find out who is the beneficiary of this grant and what are the required documents.

This scheme has been started by Nanaji Deshmukh Krishi Sanjeevani to increase the productivity of the farm through Farm Subsidy Scheme 2022. 

The best quality plastic film will be provided for that. You will learn more about how to farm and what to look for when installing plastic film


Eligibility for Benefit of Farm Subsidy Scheme 2022

After the year 2005-2006 those who have planted orchards with farmer friends. 

Farmers should not be from a joint family so their account answers from different families should be independent to avail this benefit. Reconciliation among community farmer beneficiaries to use farm water.

 The farmer community should have orchard cultivation, not thinking of future cultivation. The farm should not be too far from the orchard and it is mandatory to use the method for increasing the amount of water in the field.


Documents required

Excerpt 7/12

8-A certificate


The application process is online and farmer friends should apply


What care should be taken while farming

When choosing a farm site, do not choose a place with living water springs, existing wells, large boulders, and at least cover the area to minimize evaporation. 

Do not choose a place with high soil or black soil. When installing plastic film in the field, it should be attached properly so that the water in the field does not run out. 

Only good quality plastic film should be used. Care should be taken to determine the length and size of the field first and then start the work. After the completion of the farm work Read more

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