Cosmetic testing service represents the industrial activities that ensure that manufactured products, individual components, and multicomponent systems are adequate for their intended purposes.Inspection and testing are the operational parts of quality control, which is the most crucial factor in the survival of any manufacturing company.

With the increasing number of brands and variations of cosmetic products lining the shelves of department stores, drugstores, perfumeries, and toy stores globally, the market is expected to boom over the forecast period. Quality control directly supports the other elements of cost, productivity, on-time delivery, and market share.The testing, inspection, and certification market consists of conformity assessment bodies that offer services ranging from auditing and inspection to testing, verification, quality assurance, and certification In recent years, as consumers have become more knowledgeable about the use of environmentally-sustainable ingredients and production practices, there has also been a growing interest in cosmetic products comprised of “natural” or “organic” ingredients.

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Market Dynamics

Outsourcing testing, inspection, and certification (TIC) services to third-party service providers is a business practice used by multiple products and component manufacturers to ensure adherence to national and international standards of quality and safety, as well as to reduce recall costs and improve production efficiency by shifting non-core tasks, operations, jobs, or processes to an external third-party specialist for a long time.Outsourcing gives companies more time to strengthen their core business processes, which helps them reduce operational costs, and enables them to provide faster and better services.This facilitates improved productivity and process efficiency, thereby contributing to the increase in the company’s net income.

Hence, the trend of outsourcing testing, inspection, and certification (TIC) services to third-party specialists is being increasingly adopted by both private and government agencies (public firms).

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Segment Analysis

As cosmetics and personal care products come into direct contact with human skin and mucous membranes, manufacturers need to make sure that their products are safe for use and do not contain any substances that are potentially harmful to human health or the environment.Meeting this requirement has become even more challenging as conventional cosmetic production processes use an ever-widening array of ingredients that may cause irritation or worse when they come in contact with the skin.

Cosmetic testing service providers are focusing on methods such as micro dosing, non-invasive imagery techniques, simulation models, in-vitro testing, and human skin equivalent systems for testing cosmetic products.However, the cosmetic testing market is facing complications in the Chinese cosmetic market, as it is mandatory for certain cosmetic products to be tested on animals only. This is expected to hamper the demand for such products in the local and international market as EU regulations prohibit the sales of animal-tested products in the regional market.

Competitive Landscape

Moreover, there is growing consumer awareness about the importance of certification. More than 45 countries, including China, Japan, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, and Australia, are taken into consideration for the analysis of the TIC market in APAC.Almost all countries in this region have regulations in place which are important for the manufacturers of cosmetic companies, raw material suppliers, marketing companies, distributors, and retailers.

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