The rumors are spurred on by job advertisements posted by EA searching for a programmer who can program Madden NFL who has experience with "Microsoft Madden 23 Coins, Sony, or Nintendo game consoles." It is believed that this suggests that EA is making plans for future Madden releases on Nintendo gaming consoles. While an official Nintendo release of Madden NFL 23 is not yet been confirmed EA will increase the Madden player base by doing so.

One of most fun features in Madden NFL is the multiplayer online feature. In the past, however the series has not been able to support cross-play, meaning gamers on different consoles cannot be paired up. It's been a bummer for a while, but speculation suggests there is a possibility Madden NFL 23 will buck previous trends and allow cross-play.

Crossplay support is rumored to be being supported by recent trends of sports games. The show was developed in part by San Diego Studio, MLB: The Show is another hugely successful sports game franchise. The show's 21st season, MLB: The Show 21 The Show introduced crossplay. Closer to EA and FIFA, it was recommended by an industry expert Tom Henderson that FIFA 23 will incorporate crossplay. With EA reportedly easing into crossplay with FIFA 23, some gamers believe that the same thing will be the case for Madden NFL 23.

EA has yet to confirm anything about Madden NFL 23. But, reports suggest that players are ready for something bigger and better with Madden NFL's next entry. If the rumors are accurate, Madden NFL 23 may be a game that raises levels from prior entries.

FIFA is the owner of and manages the brand name for The World Cup and the Women's World Cup, but those tournaments take place every four years and typically show up as an update to the main game few months before the real-life tournaments begin Mut 23 Coins. The last stand-alone World Cup title that Electronic Arts released was 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil on PlayStation 3, Windows PC as well as Xbox 360.