If you want to see a well adjusted adult dress up in slayer gear with a whip and begin Meleeing dust devils in OSRS gold front of a person trying to burst them.To be honest, it sucked a lot regarding rs2 being completely and absolutely destroyed over the years. We loved that game and it hurt to see it occur.

You appear to be completely unaware about gamers in general, this is not a runescape thing.I genuinely think these PSAs are doing more damage than good, nobody who was already going to do this won't change their minds because of a wall of text, however trolls who genuinely enjoy this stuff who haven't thought of the thought will pile in on the hatred and bombing it with lousy reviews.

I pretty much said the same thing. Maybe OP is a master troll who is hoping to get people from this sub to go there and leave negative reviews, however, who knows. Otherwise he didn't think through this one.You're both overthinking it. Just a couple will do what you mentioned. Majority who would've thought to perform an immature thing like this would do it from impulse and wouldn't think about consequences (that is OSRS players we're talking about) so this does more good than harm.(https://techlogitic.net/the-only-runescape-game-you-need-to-play/)

As they are right and their favourite game is the best sport and  everyone who likes things that they dont enjoy.Actually to perform with the devils advocate, I believe it falls along the lines that they feel entitled to despise the Cheap Runescape gold game. Considering the game that they grew up playing on their youth to maturity was converted into something most people wanted no part of. Their entire childhood put into something many today consider unworthy. RS3 is hurting the sport in the long term.