The faucet is a must-use item in the kitchen every day, which involves the convenience of water and the health of drinking water. So how to buy a high-quality kitchen faucet for ordinary household consumption has become an important part of home decoration.

    When buying a faucet, we often struggle with which brand of faucet to buy, what material to buy, whether to buy a pull-out kitchen faucet and what size faucet to buy. The existing kitchen faucets on the market are mainly divided into two types: in-wall installation and desktop installation, with single-cooling and hot-cold styles.

    The wall-mounted kitchen faucet is suitable for the situation where the basin has no openings or the water pipes are originally reserved on the table. Generally, there are single cold, hot, and cold single handles, hot and cold double handles, and cold and hot double handles, and a single handle is preferred. Choose a single handle, it is more convenient to adjust the temperature.

    Ordinary desktop-installed kitchen faucets should be said that there is more domestic use at present. There are two types of cold and hot, which can realize 360-degree rotation. The appearance is simple and durable. You can use a tee connection first or block the hot water inlet to avoid the need to replace the faucet when you connect the hot water later.

    The pull-out kitchen faucet is the most used style in North America. The advantage is that there are shower water and sparkling water outlet modes. The shower water is used to clean dishes, saving water and flushing relatively cleanly. Some pull-out showers also have a spray function. , and now it has derived functions such as blade water. The pull function is convenient for cleaning the sink. At the same time, it is conceivable that sometimes when we encounter some relatively large kitchen utensils that need to be cleaned, it is difficult to align every part of the item with the water outlet of the faucet. At this time, the functional advantage of the pull is It can be well reflected. We can pull out the shower head and align it with the part that needs to be cleaned. It is very convenient. The head may become a wearing part.

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