Lifestyle-driven diseases are growing and by that we are talking about  antibiotic-resistant bacteria, cancer, and obesity at large. People are getting conscious about what they eat in a day. Every health-concerned person is looking for healthier food options. But, not only this concern drives us to always choose organic meat.

Well, organic food is good for your health as well as the environment. This is because organic food is produced using pesticides, fertilizers that are made with synthetic ingredients or sewage sludge. Vegetables and fruits are mostly produced using this method. However, in recent times many people have moved towards eating organic meat, eggs, and milk. 

What is meant by organic meat? If you’re looking for some specific answers, then here are some differences that will tell you exactly what it is. 

Organic Meat Vs. Non-Organic Meat

Some of the key differences between the two types of meat are:

Use of growth hormones

The first key difference between the two is that organic meat comes directly from the animals that aren’t treated with any kind of drugs, hormones, and antibiotics. On the other hand, non-organic meat is treated with all these external drugs and bacteria. If you may know that more than 55,000 people get affected by consuming food combinations with antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Most commonly these bacterias are found in beef. Whereas, some say that non-organic meat that is treated with growth hormones pose no threat to human health while a few others link it with development of breast cancer.

Amount of fat and calories

Comparing the two types of meat, organic meat has many health benefits, including less saturated fat, low calorie content and high levels of healthy omega-3 acids. Organic meat has more than 50% of the benefits of omega-3-fatty acids than any non-organic meat. Other than pork, chicken and beef, nuts and fish have higher levels of omega-3 acids.

Farm practices

Considering the meat quality, it depends greatly on how animals are treated on the farm. To produce organic meat, the farm is kept totally organic. Cows are fed about 60% of fresh grass and they are usually reared in pollution-free outdoors. This is certainly the best and the right  way to raise animals apart from ensuring that their meat remains of a higher-quality.

Good flavor

Many people who like to consume organic meat products have voted that organic meat has more flavor than non-organic. However, there are no proven claims yet. But firmly, grass-fed beef usually tastes better than any non-organic meat. 

 In the end, everything boils down to your personal preference and taste. If you think of buying organic meat, it can be a bit more costly than store-available meat.

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