Collaborative robots, also referred to as cobots, are used in numerous industries for a varied range of applications, due to their additional benefits over conventional industrial robots. Some of the features of collaborative robots that make them stand out include their collaborative usage capabilities to be used alongside humans, easy installation and operation, and much lower cost than that of conventional industrial robots. With all these additional benefits, collaborative robots also provide enhanced process efficiency as well as a reduction in production cost. Moreover, the increase in the demand for automation in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and quick return on investments are expected to further push the demand for collaborative robots over the coming years. 

The Collaborative Robot Market research study offers a wide perspective on where the cobot market is heading. The research is based on extensive primary interviews (in-house experts, industry leaders, and market players) and secondary research (a host of paid and unpaid databases), along with the analytical tools that have been used to build the forecast and the predictive models.

Scope of the Report -

The report is a compilation of various segmentations, including market breakdown by payload, by Industry, by Application, by Sales Channels, and by Component. The report is based on discussions and interviews with the top management of several leading high throughput cobot manufacturers, tier 1 suppliers, and solution providers.

The global collaborative robot market is not expected to play out the same way for every region, so this report segments the market accordingly and breaks down the industry geographically as follows: North America (U.S and Canada), Europe (Northern Europe, Western Europe, South Europe, Central East Europe), Asia-Pacific (China, South Asia, South-East Asia and Oceania, and North East), Latin America, Middle East and Africa.

The major players have been identified on the basis of their revenue generation, geographical presence, and company developments. Details of company profiles have been included in order to understand the strategic behaviors of the market players. 

Key Companies in the Global Collaborative Robot Market -

The key market players in the collaborative robot market include ABB Ltd, Fanuc Corporation, Kuka AG, Denso Robotics, Inc, Seiko Epson Corporation, AUBO Robotics, Comau SpA, Nachi Robotic Systems, Inc., Bosch Rexroth AG, Precise Automation, Inc, Productive Robotics, Inc, Techman Robot Inc, Universal Robots A/S, and Yaskawa Motoman

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Key Questions Answered in this Report :

  •   What are the trends in the global collaborative robot market across different regions?
  •   What are the major driving forces for increasing the demand for the global collaborative robot market during the forecast period 2020-2025? 
  •   What major opportunities do collaborative robot companies foresee in the next five years? 
  •   Which application (automotive, electrical, electronics and semiconductor, plastics and polymers, pharma and chemistry, food and beverage, aerospace and defense, metal and machining, and others) dominated the global collaborative robot market in 2019, and what is the expected scenario by 2025? 
  •   What are the key payloads that are expected to dominate different industries in 2019, and what would be the anticipated estimated revenue during the period 2019-2025? 
  •     What was the revenue generated through different sales channels in 2019, and what would be the anticipated estimates by 2025? 
  •   What was the revenue generated through different components in 2019, and what would be the anticipated estimates by 2025? 
  •   What was the aggregate revenue generated by the global collaborative robot market segmented by region (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest-of-the-World) in 2019, and what would be the anticipated estimates by 2025?  
  •   Which are the key players in the global collaborative robot market, and what are the new strategies being adopted to make a mark in the industry?
  •   What is the competitive strength of the leading players in the collaborative robot market?

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