About two centuries prior to the events of World of Warcraft: Classic, the Dark Iron dwarf, Emperor Thaurissan, summoned the elemental God of fire, Ragnaros himself. Ragnaros had been created eons ago by the powerful energy of the elemental on Azeroth as the main symbol of the fire. He was long ago banished to a different realm of his own with wow tbc classic gold, called the Firelands however Thaurissan, the Emperor of Azeroth, decided to call Ragnaros to bring him back as an unstoppable source of power.

However, Ragnaros did not prove to be a threat to handle and ended up taking over the Dark Iron dwarves instead, making him the main enemy in World of Warcraft: Classic's Molten Core raid. Fast forward a couple of centuries, and this is exactly the situation the players will have to face by delve deep into the Molten Core to take on Ragnaros completely and send him back on the Firelands.

Following being defeated by Ragnoros Onyxia's twin brother The black dragon Nefarian, had also been making trouble for mortal races. He experimented with various kinds of dragons to try to develop the perfect weapon, which resulted in a myriad of monstrosities encroaching on his fortress Blackwing Lair. The players fought the dragon-spawn mutants, and then faced Nefarian, Lord of Blackrock himself. Nefarian did not think that mortals could pose any danger to his species, but he was proved right and eventually killed in WoW Classic TBC's Blackwing Lair raid.

WoW Classic TBC's Gates of Ahn'Qiraj's Horde & Alliance Cooperate Again

A near mythological event in the history of the game, remembered fondly by many players it is that of the Second War of The Shifting Sands, also known as The Battle of Ahn'Qiraj. As they faced the coming that of the Old God, C'Thun, the Horde and Alliance set aside their differences and began to attack the ancient cities of Ahn'Qiraj to put an end to the invasion. The counter-offensive was led by Overlord Varok Saurfang. He was a revered orc warrior who was given an entire storyline in the Battle for Azeroth expansion many years after the fact.

This First War of The Shifting Sands had been fought several centuries before this time with the insectoid Qiraji generals hadn't forgotten their loss with cheap TBC Classic Gold. Players joined forces alongside the Cenarian Circle as well, an ancient group of druids who have been watching the ruins of Silithus in order to prevent this specific action. The World of Warcraft's Horde and Alliance cooperating combined with a little help from the mysterious Bronze Dragonflight, C'Thun was defeated and destroyed and the City of Ahn'Qiraj was abandoned to be slowly absorbed into the deserts sands.