The process of setting up the router is fairly simple. You can setup any router for a Wi-Fi network. The process may seem intimidating at first but the steps are quite easily and described in the instructions manual with your router. D Link routers are one of the popular choices of routers. They provide high speed access to the internet. D Link routers are compatible with all kind of devices. Here, we will have a look at the steps on how to connect DLink router to your devices. Follow the steps mentioned below.

Steps to login to DLink router:

  • Open any web browser of your choice.
  • Type the default IP address, in the address bar.
  • This will direct you to the login page, as you click enter.
  • Now, you have to enter the default username and password in the given boxes.
  • The default username is admin and the password is word spelled password.
  • Once you enter these credentials, you are logged into your router.
  • You can then navigate to settings and make the modifications.

After configuring the settings, here’s how to connect the devices.

  • Click on the Wi-Fi icon on your device.
  • The user name within the range will appear. Click on the name of your Wi-Fi network.
  • Enter the password.
  • Click on connect.

The process of updating your DLink router is easy, you just need to log in to your router and download the update. Go to a web browser and type in the URL section. This is the default IP address of DLink router. Enter the username and password, if you have performed a reset or haven’t changed the credentials. Enter the default log in credentials for Dap-1520 firmware update. Then go to the utilities section and click on firmware update. Download it and click on it again to install it. The router will automatically reboot and it will be updated.

Now , let’s have a look at the steps to research DLink router default passwordIt is important that you keep your network security to avoid unwanted access.

Steps to reset DLink password:

  • Enter the default credentials. Enter admin as username and password.
  • Navigate to wireless settings and click on manual wireless network setup.
  • Then, go to the wireless security mode.
  • Click on WPA 2 option.
  • Now, enter the new Wi-Fi password twice.
  • Click on save to apply the settings