In FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, EA Sports has released the SBC for the FUT Hero Shapeshifters upgrade. Given that the Shapeshifters promotion has been running for four full weeks, it's no surprise that it has attracted some quality players to FIFA 22.

The Shapeshifters promotion is running for four full weeks, and a lot of good players have also been drawn into FIFA 22, and since EA Sports released the SBC for the FUT Hero Shapeshifters upgrade, Ultimate Team players will have the opportunity to upgrade them with elite players ahead of the FUTTIES promotion lineup.

Before that, if Ultimate Team players wanted to upgrade their players, they had to spend a lot of FUT 22 Coins to draw star cards, which would cost them a lot of time and energy, and many players said they were very tired. RPGStash may be able to rescue you. So how to quickly complete the FUT Hero Shapeshifters Upgrade SBC?

Teams 3 and Teams 4 of the Shapeshifters promotion are giving away several FUT Hero cards in different configurations. Complete the FUT Hero Shapeshifters Upgrade SBC and you'll get these rare items. Here's how to complete the SBC and some of the top players you might get.

Complete FIFA 22 FUT Hero Shapeshifters upgrade SBC

The FUT Hero Shapeshifters Upgrade SBC does not require TOTS or TOTW cards, and players will spend over 111,000 coins as SBC requirements drive up market prices. Six of the 12 FUT Hero players are worth more than SBC's price. But Ivan Cordoba, Joe Cole and Tim Cahill are nice rewards.

If you're lucky, you might be able to sign a star player like Pele, Ginola, or Di Natale. Upgrade requirements:

Squad Rating: Min 86
Team Chemistry: Min 55

David Ginola, worth 6.8 million coins, is now one of the most expensive players. Di Natale and Abedi Pele were the second and third best results of the SBC respectively.

David Ginola – Premier League – ST
Abedi Pele – Bundesliga – LW
Antonio Di Natale – Serie A – RW
Tim Cahill – Premier League – CDM
Joe Cole – Ligue 1 – CAM

Shapeshifters are revolutionizing the FUT world. Brand new Superstars will be spawned with new locations and improved stats. To learn more, follow RPGStash. In addition, RPGStash will also offer FUT 22 Coins for sale, you can Buy FUT 22 Coins in a short time to meet your needs, helping you save more time.