Fractured in Alterac Valley is one of Hearthstone's most intriguing expansions and many players appreciate how heavily the new content is based on it's original World of Warcraft source material with  wow tbc classic gold. The introduction of the Honor system is also exciting and will give players an experience that is more satisfying when playing. Unfortunately, honor cannot currently be earned when playing Hearthstone's most popular Battlegrounds mode or in the new Mercenaries mode. The expansions to come could have the honor system returning, and keeping the rivalry of the Horde as well as the Alliance alive in Hearthstone could be a way to bring new players into the game.

World of Warcraft recently announced an update to the game that eliminates dozens of suggestive references (also known as "innuendos" out of the games. The 9.1.5 update is available in World of Warcraft's Public Test Realm, but the official release date for the patch has not yet been set.

The latest update is part of a flurry of other changes made at Activision Blizzard in the wake of lawsuits brought against them. The top executives within the company have announced their resignation in recent weeks, and other affiliates have also spoken out and claimed that Activision Blizzard perpetuates a toxic work culture. In light of these events, World of Warcraft developers committed to removing inappropriate references and this patch is going to have a large number of modifications to meet that commitment.

Based on the note in the patch published from Wowhead (via Polygon), the World of Warcraft 9.1.5 update is "part of a company-wide effort to update parts of the game which weren't up to date and didn't conform to their values." The development team has apparently changed certain NPC jokes and lines, such as "When angered and heated, female trolls can mate more than 80 times in one night. Are you ready?" or "Mmm. I'd like to tap that line." Furthermore, the game zone Mac'Aree was named for former Blizzard worker Jesse McCree, who was removed from the business after its first lawsuit went public , will also get named changed Eredath. McCree also gave his name and name to Overwatch character McCree which is due to change also.

The changes made to be made in the forthcoming World of Warcraft patch pertain to the names of mounts and quests. There will be a change to the name of Big Love Rocket, for instance. Big Love Rocket mount will be renamed to the X-45 Heartbreaker, the quest Blowing Hodir's Horn within the Lich King expansion will now be renamed Hodir's Call and many more. Various other changes will rename NPCs and other items to remove any hints or implied references from the game. However, not every change in the coming patch will revolve about removing indecent content. The patch will also incorporate numerous quality-of-life and game-balancing updates as well, including several that World of Warcraft players have been asking for for a while.

No matter if these changes in World of Warcraft drastically improve the game, the measures will not hurt. In the simplest sense with buy TBC Classic Gold, the development team seems to be taking criticism from World of Warcraft players seriously. Game-related fixes appear insignificant compared to real-world policy changes But it's apparent that these efforts were a long time coming anyway.