most people in the 24 hours that we have per day they're more preoccupied than basically we must understand the nature of what we're handling initially it looks like a struggle but once you really taste what it is you can't be without it [Music] you will always see people who wake up early in the morning are of a different quality people who sleep late and wake up late there of a different quality so waking up early in the morning you will see you will have a better sense of usage of time than sleeping late night well at a certain time on a certain day if it happens it's fine that's not the point but as a lifestyle if you sleep late and wake up early also that's wonderful but if you cut down your sleep are you able to be active and alive through the day that's a question mark that will only happen if you enhance your energy quality see whichever way you do it there are only 24 hours in a day i've been requisitioning for more hours for a long time and haven't gotten any yet only 24 hours so now the only thing you have to determine is how many hours of sleep your body needs all right body needs sleep because it's service time body needs to be serviced it's a constantly running machine so little if you run it slow at certain times it gets serviced that's the idea let's say you have a computer which needs service once in six months goes away for three days or six days that means average one day in a month all right you can bear with this but suppose your computer needs 15 days of service per month better to junk it isn't it for one who is seeing this life as a stepping stone for a larger possibility for him there is no failure [Music] for one who is looking at the simple events of this life itself as the goal of life for him there is failure and success when the economy is on the boom everybody gets carried isn't it now there has been a meltdown now it takes something else to be successful.

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so it doesn't matter what the hell happens with your life if you are seeing this life only as a stepping stone for a larger possibility then whatever the situation it is beautiful and very useful it doesn't matter what happens the most horrific event happened in your life that also can be used for your growth and your well-being if only if you have clearly seen the small events of your life when i say small events i mean your business your marriage your children all those big things all these things are just a stepping stone so if you have set this up then all the events of life everything is beneficial the boom is beneficial the meltdown is even more beneficial actually so the fear of failure is bad enough fear is adding spice to it isn't it [Music] success happens to you not because you desire it because you earn it if you came here like any other creature on this planet stomach full life settle once you come here as a human being stomach empty only one problem stomach full 100 problems.

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so what we're calling as life here is just a certain combination of time and energy this combo of time and energy unfortunately majority of the people never learn to handle it seamlessly we must understand the nature of what we're handling time by its own nature is such you do something it rolls if you don't do something it rolls you don't have to push it i'm saying so the only way you can take charge of time is by mastering your energies how they function if you are functioning like a steam engine it's a long time.