Car transportation is a rigorous process that needs to be done with extreme care and professionalism. Thus, you opt for professional packers and movers to guide you through. But before you head on to kick start your relocation journey, make sure you know the difference between open and enclosed carriers used for transporting vehicles. Read the blog and compare to see which one suits you best for car transportation in Ahmedabad.

Let’s first know the real importance of bike or car carriers in terms of secure transportation.

Importance of Carriers for Bike Transportation in Ahmedabad

The carriers are highly beneficial for vehicle moving in terms of Quick and easy delivery with minimal disruptions and safe delivery. Also, they are specially designed as a dedicated vehicle for transporting vehicles only. They provide you with sufficient space to accommodate some movement. Multi-vehicle transportation is easily possible with such carriers. The safety standards are very high and you can rest assured that your expensive vehicle is in the right hands.

Now, we will highlight some of the quick differences between open and enclosed carriers to help you decide which one would suit you more.

Open Vs Enclosed Carriers: Compare the Difference

Find the comparison between open and enclosed carriers:

Open Carriers

  1. Connected with the double-acting truck.

  2. It can carry 2 to 6 cars at a time.

  3. Highly affordable for people with tight budgets.

  4. Open to all weather conditions.

Enclosed Carriers

  1. Protects from harsh weather conditions, dirt, dust, or grime.

  2. Quick services

  3. Less risk of damage for bike transportation in Ahmedabad

  4. A little expensive compared to open carriers.

  5. Accommodates 2 or more rows for cars.


Selection of the right carrier is very important as it is directly linked to the health of your vehicle. Make sure you seek professional guidance and consider the above points to better plan your next transportation.