When you start your journey by taking a OSRS gold shortcut behind Tenzing's house, there'll not be a bank in the area so make sure you have all the necessary items before you begin your journey.

The route towards the Stronghold.

Inquire with Denulth Burthorpe Denulth in Burthorpe - this is how you'll start your quest. East of the Warriors' Guild It is here that you locate Denulth. He'll be in his tent. He will be greeting you! He's seeking someone, who will help him locate Godric. This is where you can help. Simply tell him that you'll assist him. So, enough talking, let your actions begin. Travel to north-west and continue along the route. When you come across the soldier who is wounded, go to the south-west until you get to Tenzing's residence. If you're still not able to purchase hiking boots yet, buy them from Tenzing because he's selling them for 12 bucks each. Start your climb up the mountain by climbing over the stile behind the house. Follow the trail wherever it takes you until you come across some boulders to the north. That's when you'll be able to finally put on your expensive (joking) climbing boots on, since only with them can you walk over the stones. After that, you can look for a path to the east and enter the arena. Make note that prior to entering the arena, you have to climb the rocks multiple times.


In this stage when players finally meet Dad - huge troll, saying that nobody goes past without being able to defeat him first. Perhaps he's correct, as he's level 101 and utilizes trees to strike with Melee. He can easily evade prayers by temporarily stunning them. Additionally, his maximum hit can be as high as 27. Therefore, be alert. You can still spot himif you make place next to the western gate and use Magic or Ranged attacks against him. However, you should take some popcorns as this giant troll has extremely high Defence stats, meaning it can take some time to beat him. Also, experience of a large number of players suggests that magic is more effective against Dad when compared to range.

If you put Dad to his knees and his health bar goes depleted, he'll beg you to not take him off. It's amazing, Maximus the hero from Gladiator would be proud of your actions. Simply walk across at the northern gate of the arena after you take care not to endanger his life. However, be cautious if you are still in his range, he could attempt to attack you.

Note: If you appear like Commodus from the famous Ridley Scott film and show thumbs down but you still want to continue in the quest, but, audience will not appreciate your behavior and start attacking you!

Level 69 and 71 mountain trolls will also assault you after you enter the cave to the north of the arena. Once you have killed them and progress further and you'll reach Trollheim. Be prepared for Trolls who are ranged at level 68 throwing, who will try to stop you once you walk past northern part of the mountain. If you're smart, you can stay clear of them completely by continuing you trip via shortcut, which begins from the eastern portion of the mountain and ends on the western part. If your agility is low, you could be in trouble, since the majority of these shortcuts require 41-47 level Agility. However, there's another option it is possible to race through the mountains as the character of Forest Gump. Don't forget to enable Protect from Missiles in the northern end, as it will assist you in prevent taking too much damage. In the next step, you'll be in the Western part. To protect yourself, try avoiding the Northern part.

To reach the Stronghold Turn west from Trollheim and north past several mountain trolls.

Within the stronghold

As before, the levels 69 and 71 mountain trolls will attempt to stop as soon as you enter the stronghold. After you have passed the entrance, proceed to the south until reaching a door to the west of the wall. Past them and directly to the north. Be cautious, as some extremely aggressive level 113 generals are going to test your fighting ability along the path. These creatures wield huge granite knives, which can frequently slash up to 38. Although, you don't necessarily require to conquer them all (unless you're trying to boost your game). Prison keys are dropped that are needed to complete the quest. Kill at the very least one and pick it. Combat is not necessary, since you can easily identify them with Ranged and Magic. The general standing in the northernmost part of the room can be destroyed by safe-spotting when you are on the opposite side of his room desk. They are quite similar to Dad and it could take a while to end their lives this way, as they have superior defenses to and both methods.

Securely spotting the Troll General.

Prison break

Go back south once you collect the key. Choose the path down the steps, past Burntmeat's Kitchen and to the northernmost point of the Stronghold. Make use of the prison key to unlock the door . Then, climb down until you reach the prison. You'll travel west and then south until you're greeted by Twig and Berry two sleepy prison guards. They're asleep, but they are still at a high level (them both are level 71) therefore be aware. If your Thieving is at least 30 levels. You can steal both and acquire cell key 1 and key 2. If you succeed in pickingpocketing one, but fail both, both will start attacking you. After that, you'll have to kill them in order to obtain the keys. Are you not a big fan of direct combat? Find one of the vacant cells and safe-spot both of them. Make use of keys to free Eadgar Godric and Godric and, after that, make use of the secret exit on the south to leave the prison.

Safespoting Twig and Berry.

Finishing up

Climb over the rocks in the south-east. Return to Burthorpe make use of the minigame teleport or the games necklace. Dunstan will await you in the north-east part of the city. You can talk to him and receive your reward!

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