The acquisition of your land is an investment that will increase your assets and provide you with security in the medium and long term. If you are thinking of buying land, we suggest some advantages for you before deciding to take the big step.

Capital gain

Land investments are usually highly profitable, they always increase in value over time. The rate of return on investment of land, in a growing area can be anywhere between 15% and 20% per year. For example, in some towns, the land has a historical capital gain of 93%.

When you buy a piece of land, you should have a plan if you want to build houses, commercial premises, or another type of enterprise. So that in the future you obtain benefits and surplus value.

Low investment risk

An Investment in Prestige Marigold Plots rarely lose their value. If you buy land, you ensure the growth of your investment. You get a great location and growth projects like schools and shopping malls.

Easy to maintain

You can not worry about maintenance, since its care requires little time and money.

Secure long-term profitability

It is very important to keep in mind that real estate investments must be considered in the medium and long term. Generally 5 years and up to get into the very profitable range. Investments in land are highly profitable, since over time its value always increases.

Assets that work for you

Assets are money that will increase over time without much effort. If what you want is to win when selling, choosing the right moment is the key. You must buy the land or lot when the price is below the value, for example in presales.

Success is knowing how to do a value analysis. It is important to know how to differentiate the value from the price. One thing is the value of the land as a business and another is the price per m2.

If you have doubts, the best thing is to advise you with one of our real estate agents here.

In short, your land will be in charge of generating money for you without the need for you to lift a single finger until the moment you decide to sell, we invite you to discover our properties for sale. 


How good is it to have land?

We hope that you have already realized that owning Prestige Marigold land is the best investment you can make in the long term. Because yes, land investments are highly profitable, knowing that their value always increases. 

In addition, it gives you some freedom when deciding if that is really what you want for your life. At the end of the day, a house should be something you feel very secure in, and building it at the time you want can be a great benefit. 

Here are some other reasons why buying land can be a great opportunity for you and your future. 

It gives you stability. Being a safe investment, it guarantees that even in the most volatile markets, land can be life insurance. 

The price. As they are not urbanized, they have a lower cost. This does not mean that the land is cheap. However, sometimes it can be more profitable and if you are considering investing, take this as your first option. 

The construction. It will allow you to personalize your home forever, since you will be the one who orders and takes control of what you want for yourself. 

A variety of uses. It will depend on the area. However, a vacant lot can be used for farming and agriculture. Now, you should know that investing in land or property is the safest investment that can be made. 

So what are you waiting for? Invest in land.