When choosing a helmet, we attach great importance to comfort. It should not squeeze the head or ears. If you feel pressure in your head after the first 5 minutes, take it off. Not every shell will fit your head shape, so it's best to try several options. To determine the correct size, measure the circumference of your head approx. 2 cm above the ears and eyebrows.

An important note - the helmet is allowed to put some pressure on the cheeks, and the skullcap should be tight. If you wear it loose and feel it fits well, try a size down.

The helmet on the head should not hang out. It is best if it covers the whole head, does not press anywhere, and the field of vision is wide enough.

Important elements when choosing a helmet:

body material.
closure type.
scheduled appointment.
certification and size.
These are details, but nonetheless extremely important. They have a major impact on your comfort and sense of security when riding a motorcycle or scooter.

The size of the helmet is important when choosing. Too little causes pain and discomfort, it constantly distracts you on the road. A big helmet is not comfortable and not safe, it will hang on your head while riding. Choosing a helmet is key to improving your comfort and safety.

Of course, everyone wants to look good too! There is a huge range of helmets on the market, everyone will find an option for themselves. A helmet must be safe, comfortable and efficient.

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