The main goal of the Horde in the beginning in World of Warcraft was merely to build a durable civilization in a country they were not all familiar with WOW WoTLK Classic Gold. Orgrimmar was the capital city, had to be built completely from scratch. It was also necessary to construct the surrounding territories claimed from the various indigenous races of this continent. The Horde needed to make a living from the harsh terrain and defend themselves against invaders, such as the hostile tribes of centaurs which caused ever-present concern. There were demons that remained from Warcraft 3.0's Third War and they also required to be dealt with by Thrall, Chief Warchief of Horde, had to keep a close eye on the city's warlocks to ensure that they weren't contributing to the problem.

When they were in the Eastern Kingdoms However, in the Eastern Kingdoms in the Eastern Kingdoms, the Horde faced an ever-present threat. The Forsaken had to contend with not only needing to be concerned about the Alliance but also threatened in the form of The Scarlet Crusade, a group of religious zealots that hate the undead in every form. The player aids the Forsaken in delivering a series of devastating strikes against the Crusade and any other threats to the continent. This is because the Forsaken are largely isolated from the remainder of the Horde and require extensive supervision and assistance.

WotLK Classic's Kel'thuzad & Naxxramas Make A Significant Story Point

Naxxramas was a necropolis in shadow which hung over the destroyed city of Stratholme for years as a symbol of that destruction caused Arthas along with his Scourge armies. The Lich King was himself seated within Icecrown which was a continent away. However, his lieutenant of Kel'thuzad was given the task of being a guardian of the remnants of Lordaeron. Eventually, Kel'thuzad orchestrated attacks against the Horde and Alliance and forced them join forces with the Argent Dawn in order to put an end to Naxxramas and all the horrors within.

A bastion of darkness and unspeakable evil, Naxxramas was the living nightmare that was a proof of the power and power of World of Warcraft's Lich King. Filled with enslaved death knights, mismatched abominations, and creatures that were diseased the players faced the biggest challenge WoW has faced in the years since its launch. Many never got to experience the triumph of ending Kel'thuzad's wicked reign, but finally Lordaeron was released from the Scourge. The players left alive were able rebuilding.

WoW: Classic is filled to the brim with memorable stories, but not all of which could be covered here. Only the most important events have been delved into particularly in relation to the history of later expansions with buy WOW WoTLK Classic Gold. The first expansion of the game did not come with a unique narrative like many others since, which also means the players may not be aware of the significance of their adventures. That being said, the specifics of each event and reason for each moment within World of Warcraft: Classic's history can be found scattered all over the pages of dialogue, tomes and questlines. A player need only get out there and locate them.