Former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb thinks he belongs in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and he says his caseis solid.

My numbers are better than Troy Aikman," McNabb told .

Plenty of former NFL players believe they should be in the Hall of Fame, and whatever you think of McNabb's case, his willingne s to compare his statisticsto the former Cowboys Miguel Rojas Jersey starsparked debateon Twitter. While it's true that McNabb had better career numbers in terms Jonathan Villar Jersey of pa sing yards, touchdowns, QB rating and some other metrics, they played in different eras; Aikman retired in 2000, McNabb in 2011.

Yet Aikman, who was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2006, played for three Super Bowl champions. The Eagles lost to the Patriots in McNabb's only appearance in the game in 2005.

McNabb, who has never been a Andre Dawson Jersey finalist for the Hall, is convinced he's worthy.

"I'm not hesitating on that. I am a Hall of Famer," McNabb told TMZ."My numbers speak for themselves."

McNabb finished with 37,276 pa sing yards, 234 pa sing touchdowns and 117 career interceptions, while Aikman had 32,942 yards, 165 TDs and 141 INTs. McNabb had an 85.6 QB rating, versus 81.6 for Aikman.

But much of the debate on Twitter about McNabb's comments noted that it was misleading to compare McNabb's and Aikman's statistics:

-- "You do realize that McNabb averaged almost 100 more Cameron Maybin Jersey throws per season than Aikman. McNabb was excellent. Aikman was great."

-- "Aikman gave up numbers to win rings and hand the ball to @EmmittSmith22"

-- "He had T.O. a yr & the half lets not act like he was throwing to great WRs most of his career he was throwing to trash cans at WR."

-- "It appears NFL writers dont understand how the salary caps influence on Blank Jersey roster building works. If you think McNabb wouldnt have been as succe sful on that roster full of HOFers, youre just not being intellectually honest."

-- "McNabb was a good leader; good field general. But how delusional is he to think he is better than a guy who commanded his O to championships? Plus, you can't be frail and be great. Sorry, you Neil Walker Jersey couldn't help it...but no."