You must have noticed these spherically small tools packed in rab rigs often but have you ever wondered how they are used? The basic thing they do for vaping enthusiasts is to take their experience to another level. That being said, they rotate constantly for this process which makes them dirty. This is where the question arises— how to clean terp pearls? Keep navigating through this comprehensive guide to get a thorough insight into the cleaning requirements and its procedure. 

What does Terp Pearls mean?

Have you ever heard the name Terp Pearls before? Do you know what materials they incorporate or how are they made? We’ll take an insight into answering all these questions here. Well, these are specifically designed to get the most from your vaping or dabbing experience. 

The material composition of the terp pearls includes either quartz or glass while keeping the size to be small and spherical.

Terp pearls are specifically used for accelerating the dabbing experience. They are installed inside the banger which allows them to spin with full power. It also gets heated when you heat your concentrates. 

Why Cleaning Terp Pearls is Crucial? 

Since Terp pearls are being used commonly these days, it becomes crucial to learn best way to clean terp pearls easily. However, what remains more crucial to know is why cleaning them is extremely important. Besides the residual buildup from the concentrates, what makes them contaminated?

Terp pearls get in constant contact with concentrate and this is why it accumulates a lot of residual particles from it. This residual buildup can make your terp pearls function improperly. That being said, the residual substances will neither let the pearls spin correctly nor allow an even heat distribution. 

These uncertain factors will lead to incorrect vaporization ultimately which will result in less flavor and usage of the dabs and vapes. Regular cleaning will make the terp pearls function in the most accurate way possible. Furthermore, we suggest cleaning it after you’ve used it no more than two to three times. 

Cleaning the terp pearls using the normal solvent is nothing different than cleaning them using the isopropyl alcohol. Though both processes are simple, what makes them different is the sole cleaning solution.

Best way to Clean Terp Pearls

Cleaning the terp pearls using the normal solvent is nothing different than cleaning them using the isopropyl alcohol. Though both processes are simple, what makes them different is the sole cleaning solution. Now that we know both processes require the same steps to follow, let’s take a look at those steps:

Step 1: Foremost, you’ll need to prepare the cleaning solution. Once done, take out the pearls and inspect their condition whether they’re slightly dirty or excessive dirt is accumulated over them. 

Step 2: Once your inspection is done, keep all the pearls in a bowl filled with either cleaning solution. Ensure that they are submerged in the cleaning solvents or isopropyl alcohol for at least thirty to thirty-five minutes. 

Step 3: During the submerged phase, almost all the debris will be soaked out but if still you notice any residual buildup or hard stains then take the Q-tip or toothbrush to remove them.

Step 4: Make certain that your applied pressure is neither too high nor too low. Until now, you might have noticed that all the dust particles are removed. 

Step 5: Once you’re done removing all of those hard particles allow the terp pearls to self-dry. Don’t use any foreign component to make them dry faster as it might ruin their integrity and performance.

Maintenance and Storage Guidelines

We’re going to share some specific storage and maintenance guidelines that might help you to keep the Terp Pearls in accurate condition. Though these points seem to be easy, extreme carefulness is particularly important.

  • Using metal tools is prohibited for cleaning, manipulating, or removing the pearls. It’ll cause damage and scratches.
  • It’ll be considerably better if you opt for cleaning the pearls every time you use them. By doing so, there will neither be any residual buildup nor alter the flavor in the next use. 
  • Keeping the pearls in a specialized container will keep the pearls protected and they might also not get lost.
  • Whenever you’re using the pearls, don’t let them get overheated, or else you might notice cracks and they will get unexpectedly expanded. 
  • Whenever you’re opting for the cleaning schedules, never store them wet. Moisture retention remains a possibility when storing incorrectly.


Summing It Up

Basic vaping ideas and techniques are no more in fashion. People love to use the most advanced vaping techniques and this ultimately boosts their demand. Terp Pearls can help you get the best from your vapors and other dabbing tools. These pearls not only make one cooler but also give them nothing to regret.  By learning the most accurate techniques for how to clean terp pearls and opting for the perfect tools, you’ll not only boost the dabbing performance but also increase the number of its usage.