With the arrival of the less attractive vampire city Darkmeyer, the vast world of the old school RuneScape has grown again.

A new mission called The Sins of the Father provides you with the opportunity to unlock the gates of the city, although this time only the bravest adventurer is required. The mission itself follows a group of freedom fighters called Myreque, who are dedicated to freeing the swamps of Morytania from its terrifying ruler Lord Drakan.

After entering the city, you will find a variety of new shops, amnesties, and of course enemies. There are also many new skill methods, including Halloween Grave Agility Course and Essence Mine. This mission is full of excitement and surprises. You can prepare more Old School Runescape Gold or equipment in advance to improve your game skills and level as much as possible.

Jagex's popular MMO is now 16 years old, and it is still one of the top games on mobile devices of its kind, with a rich nostalgic adventure style. PG alumni Harry Slater commented on it in 2018, praising it for its outstanding mobile-friendliness without sacrificing any charm or personality of the original PC.

Myreque is a dramatic storyline, it is easier to enter the hearts of players. This is one of the oldest and longest mission series in the game, and players have been admiring the vampire and the elusive Lord Drakahan in the game. As always, we have worked closely with the Old School RuneScape community throughout Darkmeyer's development process, and with the support of more than 55,000 voting participants, we have won the strong support of about 90%.

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