Often, subscribers are faced with a SIM card blocking and do not know what to do in this case. Consider the main reasons for blocking and how to unlock a SIM card from different operators.

Reasons for blocking a SIM card
The reasons for blocking can be different. Let's consider the main ones:

Suspicious activity on your account. One of the most popular reasons for blocking a SIM card is large expenses spent over a certain period, for example, a day. Since quite often such manipulations mean that the card has been stolen, the operator has the right to temporarily disable your SIM card for your safety and the safety of funds.
The PUK code was entered incorrectly. After the user enters the PIN code incorrectly three times, access to the card is blocked, but it can be unlocked by entering the 8-digit PUK code. You can recognize it on the plastic card on which your SIM card was attached. Please note that if you enter the PUK code incorrectly 10 times, access to your card is blocked, and you can only change it in some cases.
High spam activity from the SIM card. It happens that the card is blocked due to frequent complaints about mass mailings of an advertising nature. In such cases, your operator has the right to block the SIM card in order to deprive other users of anxiety.

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