It takes them 5 months to have put an update that provides participant background to their stats display. Let us just say for a moment that the actual devs in EA aren't bad, but the ups and Mut 21 coins executives are. How small resources should they have, or how ungodly broken is the code that it takes this long? It makes you think. That's what disturbs me. If this takes them FIVE months to add the smallest of features, zero chance Madden 22 is gont possess anything big of an update to franchise . It is gont require them 5 years to really have an actual big change to franchise. Eh, they built Yard in a year. Plus in addition they have fleshed out Face of the Franchise or whatever the shit is known as over like 3 decades. I believe they can at least re-build franchise then add on in huge doses over the next 3 decades.

I believe the base of Madden is fundamentally broken. They have had to begin from scratch the last 2 console generation bumps (PS2/XB->PS3/360->PS4/X1) since the hardware architecture changed radically each time and they just have not been able to catch up since the yearly release cycle means that they obviously don't have the time to work out the underlying issues. Also I'm not holding out any hope for the next gen. PS5/Series X are just stronger versions of this PS4 Guru and 1X, they have got the exact same CPU architecture so that it'll be the exact same busted game but with maybe some better visuals. I appear to remember reading an article or two on how the Frostbite motor has generated some huge problems for both FIFA and Madden (I believe FIFA is using it as well?) , especially when it comes to physics. Long story short, my understanding is Frostbite is very good for FPS (which is exactly what it was intended for) but was only terrible for sports or really anything apart from FPS.

On the 1 hand, I get it, it will help enhance development and will save costs in the long run. I wonder whether the issue is truly the engine, or the legacy code that has been sprinkled across multiple engines. A sports game built on Frostbite from the start would have to be greater. Here's a post that talks about overall problems with Frostbite from assorted EA studios that are not doing FPS, appears like a lot (obviously) got lost in translation from lookup engine to Frostbite to your sport games using it; and while visuals enhanced, physics got much worse.

Players: What about a creation suite for growth teams or just like a news around up as you see in NCAA dynasty? Truly and utterly pathetic. Months and months to find something put in and we get 3 measly little things that should have been in the game. These motherfuckers need to cheap Madden 21 coins get rid of the exclusivity license and there needs to be competition. I would not take the entire capability to make NFL games off as that would create a second monopoly for 2K. They both need to struggle to make great fucking games. Madden 21 is beyond saving. Theres no way that they can salvage this game as any necessary franchise overhauls are not likely to be addable at the middle of the cycle.