On March 17th, The National Home Show ended successfully, Redroad brand in the show with the world's first PAD sweeper G20, W13 wet and dry all-in-one scrubber, MGC500 lawn mowing robot, X18 cordless vacuum cleaner, P17 spoiled hair, V17 cordless vacuum cleaner is very popular with the users. The intelligent functions of the fully intelligent high-tech sweeper robot, lawn mowing robot, and the scrubber that can clean wet and dry garbage attracted many visitors to stop to watch and experience, and won the favor of many visitors, and the sales were much hotter than expected.

At the exhibition site, the most popular is the world's first PAD sweeper G20. the machine base station is equipped with a 10.1-inch intelligent screen, with vacuuming, mopping, auto-cleaning mop, drying mop, mop lifting function, do not have to do it to keep the room clean and tidy, very worry-free!

And the 10.1-inch smart screen screen replaces the cell phone to operate everything, realizing the operation of booking cleaning, customizing room naming, setting forbidden zones, and starting cleaning and mopping. A grandmother who purchased the G20 commented, "The first thing that attracted me was the big display screen, which can realize all the intelligent control without APP; after understanding and experiencing it, the G20's powerful cleaning power and full functions are satisfactory, and the floor can be thoroughly cleaned without hands, making the home cleaner." 

W13 wet/dry scrubber features can absorb wet garbage at the same time automatically replenish water to clean the roller brush, the mop stays clean, suction coffee, milk, ketchup, spaghetti are very easy; cleaning can also be one-touch self-cleaning and drying function, to solve the trouble of hand washing and wet mopping of moldy and smelly.

Users who experience the W13 Wet & Dry Scrubber say: It's so surprising that it saves time by cleaning wet and dry stains on the floor so thoroughly. I just need to pour out the dirty water in the dirty water tank, it's so convenient.

MGC500 lawn mowing robot, automatic planning path mowing lawn, the maximum mowing area of 500 square meters, through the APP set cleaning time, area, etc., but also a solution to the buried line can not find the location of the broken line, accurate tips buried line of the broken line location, without having to dig out all the way, re-burying the line of the problem.

In addition, the P17 pet hair trimmer for pet families is very popular among pet lovers. Equipped with up to six different brush heads for different purposes, it helps pet owners trim pet hair, clean up floating hair, and greatly reduce the amount of hair on clothes and in the room. One woman said, "I really like this machine, it's affordable, and most importantly, I can use it today to help my cat groom and prevent hair from spreading everywhere."

Attracting the attention of exhibitors were also the X18 cordless vacuum cleaner and the V17 cordless vacuum cleaner, with high suction power and good cleaning effect. They also have high color value, light weight and rich accessories, which are popular among young exhibitors.

Redroad focuses on innovation and is committed to enhancing the happiness of users' life. This exhibition, in addition to displaying high-tech cleaning equipment, also shows users the brand's future development direction - through the development of core technology, to bring users more high-value products.