Investing in real estate means making a financial commitment for several years. Take a few precautions before choosing your future property!

The price per square meter

Pay attention to the price per square meter of the properties you visit in order to be sure to buy at the market price!

Estimating the price of a home at its fair value is a complicated process, the latter being determined by a series of specific criteria such as the location, surface area, and general condition of the property. The relationship between supply and demand is also influenced.

Nevertheless, you always have the internet at your service to do research. Today, buyers have the advantage of being able to compare hundreds of real estate offers with each other in order to grasp the general trend and can thus avoid being trapped by properties that are overvalued by their owners.

The profile of the property

Each property has a particular profile and it is these characteristics that determine its interest to buyers. To decide between two properties and make the best choice, it is important to carefully note:

  • The floor of the property (in the case of an apartment)
  • The number of rooms
  • The view: what do the windows overlook? (inner courtyard, garden, street, opposite)
  • The exposure (in particular for a question of luminosity)


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The quality of construction

Are renovations to be expected? Has any work been done recently? What is the condition of the roof?

To avoid unpleasant surprises once installed in your new property, it is important to pay a little attention to the quality of construction. By quality, we mean in particular: good thermal insulation, good sound insulation, and, in the case of an apartment, common areas, and a facade in good condition.

If you opt for a property requiring some work, always quantify it with professionals before making an offer to purchase because the work necessarily incurs additional expenses! These quotes can be used as an argument during a negotiation.

The maintenance costs

You didn't necessarily think about it and yet, the cost of maintaining a property should be studied clearly before deciding. In a house, this cost is determined by the surface area of ​​the accommodation (will there be a lot of rooms to heat, to light?) but also by the exteriors (plants, trees, possibly a swimming pool). In buildings, the renovation of the facades, the maintenance of the common areas, and the roof are part of the expenses which, although shared, remain substantial.

The neighborhood, the environment

Choosing a pleasant street and a well-placed Prestige Sanctuary compound is essential to ensure good living conditions, but it is also essential for resale in the best conditions. Thus, it is preferable to choose accommodation close to public transport and/or close to major arteries to facilitate travel.

The proximity of shops (supermarket, tobacconist, bakery) also contributes to the attractiveness of accommodation. The proximity of schools and places of pleasure (parks, cinemas) are also significant assets.

Condominium fees

Do you dream of a good real estate deal? Finding an apartment at a good price is great, but beware of the costs! Condominium charges can add to the monthly bill. To carefully study these expenses, it is necessary to ask the trustee for the minutes of the last general meetings.

Local taxes

Mandatory expenditure and local taxes must enter your general budget. If it is difficult to assess them precisely upstream, you can inquire with the property tax department of the municipality and have an estimate of the amount.