"Stock Market" is a cool game that mixes the excitement of gaming with the ups and downs of the stock market. Imagine playing as a stock trader, guessing if the stock prices will go up or down. It's fast, fun, and keeps you on the edge of your seat!


How It Works

The game has two main parts: guessing and watching the action. First, you make a guess – do you think the stock price will end up higher or lower than it started? You can change your mind and switch your guess as much as you want until the guessing time is up. Once you're in, your guess gets added to your game account, called your Portfolio.

Watching the Stock Move

After everyone has made their guesses, the real excitement begins. You'll watch a chart that shows the stock price moving up or down. This part is just for show – it's all about the final number it lands on when the time is up. If you guessed right, your Portfolio grows. Guessed wrong? It shrinks. All the moves in between are just for fun and don't change the outcome.

Making More Bets

Win or lose, you can use what's left in your Portfolio to bet again in the next round. You can stick with your last guess, change sides, add more money, or take your money out of the game. If you want to take your money and run, just hit the 'Cash Out' button. Just remember, cashing out takes a tiny fee.

The Details on Winning and Losing

Your winnings or losses depend on how well you guessed. Each 1% the stock moves in your favor, you win a bit more. If it moves against you, you lose a bit. There's also a tiny fee taken from your winnings when you cash out.

Playing the Game

Joining in is easy. Make sure you have enough money to play, then place your bet. You can choose how much to bet with different chip sizes. Once you're set, watch the countdown and wait for the game to start. The game makes sure it's fair by using random numbers to decide the stock movements and how your winnings are rounded up or down.

Why It's Fun

"Stock Market" isn't just about guessing; it's about the thrill of the trade without the real-world risk. It's simple to play, but each round is unpredictable. Plus, you get a little help making smart guesses with game stats and past results.

Whether you're a pro at predicting the market or just looking for some quick fun, "Stock Market" offers an engaging way to test your luck and strategy in a world of virtual trading.