With the coming of November, Animal Crossing New Horizons also updated the theme. The mushroom season is open to players in the northern hemisphere. This month, the game will produce five different types of mushrooms, all of which have different rarity, so their production rates are also different, depending on the star rating of the island.

Players can use these mushrooms to obtain DIY items and decorate their islands. Players can use these mushrooms to create up to 12 items! Besides, if the player does not like any available DIY items, they can simply sell mushrooms, the rarest of which can be sold for 16,000 bells.

All 12 DIY items and customizations in Animal Crossing New Horizons

At least 8 of the DIY items are decoration or furniture, and the rest are wallpaper or flooring. If the player happens to make one of these items, the recipe for these items can be obtained from the villagers. They will have to continue to visit these villagers throughout the month and try their luck. You should prepare enough ACNH Bells For Sale to help yourself.

After the player obtains these recipes, they can make the following items:

Decorative furniture

    Mushroom lights: The lights that look like mushrooms will light up neon green. Players can make a mushroom lamp with thin mushrooms and 5 clays.
    Mushroom table: This is a 2×2 table that looks like a large flat mushroom. To make one, the player needs 2 flat mushrooms and 6 wood.
    Mushroom partition: This is just a bunch of thin mushrooms (3) put together into a fence.
    Mushroom parasol: Parasol is just another decoration, it looks like a tall flat mushroom with a stool next to it. This recipe requires 3 flat mushrooms to make a parasol.
    Pasty logs: Pasty logs are log stools grown from mushrooms. The recipe for this project is two thin mushrooms and a log stool.
    Mushroom Low Stool: This is another type of stool, which is low in height and looks like a round mushroom, so two of them are needed to make it.
    Mushroom Umbrella: Umbrella is an ornament and cannot be used in practice. However, it still beautifies the island. The player needs 3 flat mushrooms to make an umbrella.
    Mushroom Wand: Like other wands in the game, this wand looks like a mushroom. To make this wand, the player needs 3 thin mushrooms and 3-star fragments.

Indoor decorations

These interior decorations include a wreath, two wallpapers and a floor. All of these have a forest/mushroom theme.

    Mushroom wreath: This may be one of the most beautiful decorations of the season. Players can create a mushroom with 10 branches, each mushroom is round, thin and flat.
    Mushroom Wall: This is a cute wallpaper with peach highlights and white mushroom stickers. Except for rare mushrooms, one of all mushrooms must be made.
    Forest wall: This wallpaper has a similar feel to the actual forest. It has a forest floor with a few regular trees painted on it. In addition to the recipe for the wall, the player also needs 10 pieces of wood to make a forest wall.
    Forest floor: The floor is like a forest bed after autumn, with withered leaves everywhere. Players will need all types of mushrooms except elegant mushrooms, and 10 clusters of weeds to create this project.

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