Thermostatic shower faucets give consumers peace of mind when it comes to shower temperature. This shower head works by continuously fine-tuning changes in water pressure to ensure you get a consistent and even shower temperature. Plus, thermostatic showers produce greater flow than traditional pressure-balanced showers - a necessity for those considering multiple body spray options.

    The pressure-balanced shower valve is the first major difference from the dual handle shower valve. These original valves can produce water at temperatures in excess of 140F, well above temperatures known to cause harm. Even if the user adjusts the temperature to their comfort level, cold water drawn from another fixture restricts the water produced by the shower valve - causing a sudden and constant stream of scalding water to overwhelm the user

    Pressure balancing valves eliminate this problem in two simple ways. First, they can be installed so that they cannot be adjusted to produce scalding water. Second, and most importantly, they contain a mechanism called a pressure balance spool. When the other clamp absorbs water, the spool moves - controlling the flow of hot or cold water. Pressure balancing techniques have been around for many years, but water temperature control provisions did not appear in the Canadian National Plumbing Code until 2001.

    Safer and more comfortable than its predecessor, the pressure equalization valve is a reliable and cost-effective option and can be equipped with a variety of styles and finishes.

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