Have you lost your old PC or you have replaced it with a new one? Exodus Wallet users who are looking
to set up their Exodus account on a new Mac can easily do so by installing the wallet app and recovering
the wallet. In case you have not set up your wallet account yet, you need to create your seed phrase
details to start using the Exodus Wallet on your Mac.
So, if you are also looking to set up an Exodus crypto wallet on a new Mac, you have come to the right
place. Here in this read, we are going to talk about how to set up an Exodus account on a new Mac. But
before that, you must have to install a web browser on your device. Else, if you want to move forward
with the Safari browser then you can also do it easily and quickly. Now, if you have completed the setup
on your Mac and it is connected to the secured internet connection then you need to approach the
steps that are listed in the next section of the post.

The Procedure To Setup Exodus Wallet On A New Mac
The steps that are given below will help you to create or recover an Exodus account using your new
Mac. If you are not sure how to set up the wallet on your new Mac, do the following:
1. Open a browser on your Mac and go to the https://www.exodus.com/download/ page
2. From here, choose the operating system of your device and click on it
3. Now, the desktop setup file will be added to your Mac
4. Navigate yourself to the file location and double-click on it
5. When asked, click the ‘Install’ button and wait for a while
6. In a few minutes, the desktop app will be installed on your device
7. Now, choose the ‘I have recovery phrase details’ button
8. Or click the ‘Create a new phrase’ option to create a new account
9. Once you type the seed phrase details, choose a new password as well

10. Finally, click the ‘Recover’ or ‘Finish’ button to complete the wallet setup process

To sum up, Exodus Wallet can be easily set up on a new device by following some instructions. If you are
not sure how to set up an Exodus account on your new Mac, you can easily do so with the help of the
procedure that is elaborated on above on this page. Make sure that you are using the correct seed
phrase details of your Exodus Wallet while recovering the wallet account. For now, we are sure that you
have set up the wallet on your new Mac by referring to this post.