Have you added your Canon printer to OSX 10.12 Sierra but troubling while printing a document? Your system may show you filter errors or other partial printing issues. In the past few times, users with Mac OSX 10.12 Sierra encountered partial printing problems. Again, though, the best solution to resolve errors in OSX 10.12 Sierra is updating the version macOS 10.12.1.

Before we start troubleshooting the filter error in OSX 10.12 Sierra, make sure you’ve added your Canon printer to your macOS device or follow the below steps to add it;


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Adding your Canon printer to mac PC (OSX 10.12 Sierra)

  1. Open the Apple menu on your macOSX.
  2. Click on System Preferences from the your device’s Apple menu.
  3. Open Printers & Scanners option and look for plus (+) sign.
  4. Click plus (+) sign and open the “Add” window.
  5. Click on Bonjour Multifunction and select your Canon printer from the list.
  6. From the drop-down menu, choose AirPrint, otherwise Secure AirPrint.  
  7. Fill asked details and hit on Add.
  8. Try printing through SecureAirPrint or AirPrint.


If printing fails during the process or you see Filter Error in the PC, laptop screen, then go through the below steps to solve the issues without updating the OSX 10.12 Sierra. You may also get incorrect print results or partial Print.


Troubleshooting Filter Error in OSX 10.12 Sierra: Canon Printer Solution

Try this method to fix the Filter Error;

  1. Application: Open the application to start printing. Click Print.
  2. Choose PDF: Select the PDF drop-down menu in the Print dialog box, then click on the option - Open PDF in Preview.
  1. Preview Application: When the preview app launches, select File and click on Save... option.
  1. Resolution Setting: Hover the mouse to the Format section and click on TIFF. In the resolution field, we recommend entering 600 pixels/inch for suitable printing. Save the resolution setting by clicking on the Save button.
  1. Format Section: Hit on File > Export.... in Preview. Now, hover the mouse to the Format section and click TIFF. Then uncheck the Alpha box below and save this setting.
  1. Paper size: Select File > Print.... in Preview tab. Enter the same size as the previous, i.e., 600 pixels/inch in the Print dialog.
  2. Start Print: Set the print settings in the printer driver and click Print.    


Now, check if the Filter Error has been removed and printing is perfect without any error. The best, though the online solution to resolve this printing error is updating the OSX 10.12 Sierra to the latest version from the manufacturing site.  


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